Sunday, 15 April 2018
So did I actually put let's think of Spring - think is about right because sure as hell we are not having it! I can honestly say I can't remember a worse Easter in terms of weather and that of course means in terms of visitors as well. Actually Easter Monday weather wise was not that bad here, but of course the weather forcast did not help, so they did not come out. I think we have seen the sun on one day so far in April, which is a little depressing to say the least.

However the cafe is going well and Jimmy is doing some great food, not quite so sure about the very violet cake! but the other cakes are to die for. Karen is getting the office work sorted out and woe betide anyone who spends too much! Rachel is coping well with the marketing even though the weather is not helping. SHe moves onto fund raising when we have a little more time and visitors.
Back on duty flying brilliantly!

Our new bird staff member Jonas from Germany is excellent, a very good worker and lovely to be
around, and knows one end of a hammer from the other, which these days is a rarity!

Our volunteers are just amazing, we have a great group who work really hard, bring in fantastic cakes and are a joy to be around, I do not know what we would do without them. Having said that Pippa who organises them all is off on holiday to Canada for two weeks, we hope she has a good time and are looking forward to the holiday snaps!

Iit may however, be time for a rant, and I am afraid you are right  - yes - yet again it is BT better known not as British Telecom, but instead Bloody Terrible. I don't know who looks at their business plan but I am pretty convinced that it would be much cheaper for them and certainly mean they had to be deal with less complains if they put fibre to our village. The amount of times that their engineers are here or somewhere else along our line beggars belief. There is no way it makes either good business sense or is financially viable.
Also back on Duty!

We have a thing round here called Fastershire - its a joke, apparently everywhere apart from us is getting better access to the internet, but most definitely we are not. And the problem is that our phones, our internet, our card machines - the whole flaming lot are reliant on an internet connection, which goes down or fails with monotonous regularity and particularly at weekends and bank

We moved to Microsoft 365 (I think you all know what I think about that) so everything is now on the cloud and therefore safe - yup it is definitely safe, I can't get at it!! The cloud is only any good if you have internet access to the cloud, otherwise it is about as much use as a sick headache - which is not a lot.

Ah well, ever onwards and upwards I guess (and hope!). I keep doing the lottery anyway.

Monday, 19 March 2018
So lets think of spring!
I believe that I stupidly said at the start of this very long winter that with global warming we might not see snow again - huh! How wrong can you be. Three times we have had snow, the first lot was when we were closed and we did not have the bitter east wind with it, so it was significantly
pleasanter than the other falls, plus we were closed, so it did not matter as much. We probably had about 6 inches then. The second lot was after what seemed like weeks of bitter east wind coming up the field, so not only was the ground well frozen, but the driving wind gave us some impressive drifts and we had to close for a couple of days because no one could get here including staff! This lot and I hope the last for this winter came on another bitter east wind, but not quite so much and not drifting in the same way, so we were able to stay open. I was sorry not to see our photographers though! We saved birds for you.
Not yorkley but the same colour!

During the second fall we did fly some birds, I tried Yorkley - that was on the friday morning, he had
a nice time out, until about 2.45am on Tuesday morning!! However he flew well in the snow yesterday and did come back! My Kite stole my hat on the second fall, it will not recover and is full
of holes.

The incubation course went well, we had about 15 people on it and Holly worked very hard with over 400 chicken eggs so that people could look at development. Our own eggs are starting to hatch, we have three luggers, and other eggs due in the next couple of weeks, it is nice to have chicks for Easter.

We have got a good flying team going, Benbecula continues to improve, I have a merlin (Hadar) going loose, but the weather has put a stop to her until the snow goes, similarly Datura went loose on Wednesday but again with the weather I have not been able to have him loose again yet. I will not be sorry to see the back of the snow - it really does hold up a ton of things here. Hopefully the goshawk will not take long to get going either. So plenty of birds to fly and work with - and for you to photograph.

My poor daffodils are looking very sad, although it is amazing how they recover. However the back lawn looks more like the battle of the Somme because we are having to have a
new water pipe in all the way from the meter through by the house to the weighing room and needless to say the weather has not helped. It will be months before it recovers.

The little black puppy has now gone and Flax is joining the team outside on occasion, I have to say most of the birds do not like her, but hopefully they will get used to her. Some I suspect will not! She is charming though and getting very good at coffee time when they all
have their toast.

Easter is on its way come and see what we have done in the cafe, try the food, watch the birds and we will look forward to seeing you.

Monday, 5 February 2018
Well here we are open to the visitors again, January over, no more free weekends until December, but its good to be open again.

The Owl Evenings have been going so well that we have had to put in two extra ones, which is lovely and we have so far got away with managing to do all of them regardless of the weather. The British public are amazing really!! We just ignore the weather. We have had damp nights, very cold nights, blowing a gale nights, and glorious nights, but neither the visitors or the owls have let us down. Having hot drinks on arrival makes for a nicer atmosphere as well

I have not managed to get Yorkly on one yet though, we had a black plastic bag blow away aind get caught in one of the oak trees by the pond - it was there for four days before we managed to get it and Yorkly refused point blank to fly while it was there!

All the birds are flying well, Benbecula was spectacular yesterday, we were nice and busy and he
flew right over to Stallions Hill and then came back. Having the top half of Danny's Wood felled has as we had hoped made a huge difference to the flying as it opens up the field again. I plan on getting one of the Merlins out soon to fly again. I had planned on getting my Hobby out but she laid eggs last year so fingers crossed she might breed this year.

The Griffon Vultures have laid as have the Lugger falcons so the breeding season is upon us again. We are running an incubation course with Susie Kasielke from the US this month as well so there is plenty to do.

The cafe is looking wonderful, it is just needing the finishing touches now to make it work seamlessly. We were very busy in there yesterday it being the first weekend and reasonably nice weather on the Sunday, so Jimmy, our new cafe manager had a baptism of fire! But he managed really well and now understands about the lunchtime rush. I had a go at putting the cream on the hot chocolate too - that could have been a disaster but luckily it was not.

It was lovely to see the members again and the dogs are delighted that we are up and running again. They hate the two months closed as it means there is noone to scrounge food from. They all lost weight (purposefully I might add) but I suspect it will go back on again soon.

The puppies are well, growing like mad, Shasta hates them, I think the rest will be OK with them. It will be time for the boy to go soon (I would like to keep him!) and then Flax will come out and join the team officially.

Thursday, 4 January 2018
Apart from the Millennium, I have not stayed up to see in the New Year, it seems to manage to get there without my participating - amazingly. So I had no intention of seeing out 2017 and in 2018. However circumstances changed and I saw in 2018, in fact I did not go to bed at all that night because Briza decided to have puppies early.

They were due on January 2nd, but no, she went for a more memorable date. So she and I spent the whole night in my office taking her outside, at her insistence, about every twenty minutes. Luckily the first half of the night was not too cold and it was a clear and reasonably light night, rain came towards the end making the chasing her round the garden less fun.

To make sure I did not lose her I had taped one of the bird's radio transmitters to her collar earlier that day, the little green flashing light made it much easier to keep an eye on a black dog in the dark. No pups arrived through the somewhat disturbed and exhausting night. As I was feeding round over the Christmas period I fed the dogs and took them round the field as usual and then started to get food ready for the birds, constantly going back and checking on Briza. I managed to feed about half the collection, again checking her as I did. Then five ponies that are owned by some extremely irresponsible people came trotting up the road, I heard them go into the car park and the last time they did that they cut up the bank making it really difficult to mow, so I spent some time chasing them out. By the time I got back into the house, Briza had had her first puppy and it was sadly dead.

So I phoned Holly and she took over the birds while I sorted out Briza, she had become much calmer and so was quiet in her bed in my office. About an hour later the next pup arrived, I helped, but she was incredibly weak and so I was rubbing her madly trying to get her going. We managed to get a wonderful and experienced friend to come over and after about an hour the pup was still with us although definitely not strong. Pup number three arrived about an hour after the second one, a boy, double the size and very strong. By this time Briza was very tired (so was I!) We then waited, still warming and rubbing pup two, but by another three hours there was no further progress. So New Years Day, a trip to the vets, with Briza, two pups Holly and I.

She was given an injection, but there was no movement after half an hour and a scan had showed that there was at least one more live pup, so a C section was done and the last pup arrived - a large yellow girl who according to the vet, was not going to come out on her own.

disposing of the cafe timbers
Briza is well, the two large pups are doing well, the very small one survived two days and I was devastated to lose her as we thought we had got her going.  So it was a tough start to the year I have buried them in the wood where Nettle two pups are buried.

Instead of having to worry about Briza producing on the 2nd, I was able to help Adam and  Holly start work on the cafe. We had to get the old units out as we are putting in stainless steel ones. Well one thing led to another and eventually the whole of the kitchen and serving area disappeared!! So we have rather more work to get it all done by the 19th of this month for the first Owl Evening. It had to be done though and will be much nicer and easier to work in for the staff and far better for the visitors
 as well.

I am delighted to say that we have just hired a new cafe manager and ironically he worked at Beechinghurst, which is where Angela was before coming to us. I am sure he will be as good, it will be a joy not to have to worry about it all again, James will run it well and we are looking forward to him joining us.

Now all we have to do is get the cafe up and running again, so if there is a good carpenter out there who would like to be in the warm and dry next week and has nothing to do - Let me know.

I love the winter, but I am looking forward now to spring and my daffodils are already coming up. 

Wednesday, 27 December 2017
Another Christmas over for another year, I had a pleasant and peaceful one with some very nice presents. We went carol singing last thursday and raised £180 for a local hospice which was good. I also sang in the carol concert earlier and went to the Christmas Carol service up in the village. So I have had plenty of carols, which I love. I have had charge of the birds since last Saturday, the staff all come back on the 2nd, although Holly and Adam are around and about. Holly helped me feed today.

Having fed the birds on Christmas day with help from David who comes over to help  that day, I had a coffee and did a few things and then went out to Christmas lunch with my friend Alice and her family. It was delicious! The only down side of not doing your own turkey is that you don't get cold turkey the following days! However not having to cook one is a huge bonus, actually I probably would not do it anyway.
I came back to check the birds and take the dogs for a walk which they are insistant about at this time of the year. Although poor Briza is struggling now she is so close to having puppies. She also gets me up at 3.00am every morning as she can't go through the night now!

The trained owls have been delighted to have a few days off, Hemp is starting to come into breeding condition so she will not come back on duty, Yorkley will take her place for the 2018 early Owl Evenings, I don't think he has done one yet, so that could be interesting!
We had a sprinkling of snow on the field this morning and the Malverns which I can see out of my office window are a glistening white. I am not sorry we did not have more as it does make feeding round much more difficult, although it also makes us appreciate the golf carts even more when we can't use them.

We are now looking forward to the breeding season starting, which should be the African White backed Vultures first of all, at least they were first last year.We now have six here which gives us good choice for breeding. Very sadly the male White-headed vulture who came here died very suddenly, we are not sure of the cause but he did it the day he was supposed to have a cateract operation. I am not sure it they really help a bird, I had Mozart done years ago and I don't think it made an appreciable difference to his ability to get round his aviary. This vulture would never have been suitable for breeding anyway, so our female will have to wait a little for a potential husband.

We have switched the merlins around, and I hope they will do something, we have also split up the Steppe Eagles hoping that absence will make the heart grow fonder, They have not laid fertile eggs for several years now and I would really like them to start breeding again,  particularly as they have recently been uplisted as Endangered in the wild now.

I am still struggling with the new microsoft 365, which I still consider to be crap. The new Outlook has no spell check, I can't find anything. I have to download anything to read it and I think the people who wrote the programme should be fed to my vultures. Other than that - I hate it!

Tuesday, 12 December 2017
It snowed! And snowed and snowed. We had about 6 inches by lunchtime on Sunday. Helen could not get in to feed the birds which was not surprising, so I was thinking I would need to do it, which was interesting as the golf cart was a no no! Luckily Holly and Adam had driven back the night before and so met me in the field as I brought up the dogs from their early morning amble.

Of course the two youngest dogs had never seen snow before, so that was fun to see their reaction. Concern at first and then they loved it. We fed the birds, opening the doors in the hawk walk and feeding the flying birds and then closing them so the snow did not drive in to the birds. When we built them we put in a window into the doors, so they could see out and not be in the dark, which is good for them and nice for us. I am glad that we did because this morning it was much to cold to leave them open - well below freezing. We left the flying owls to see if we could fly them and get some photos.

And we did, Haze (Barn Owl) was somewhat thrown by the first snow she had seen. Hemp was too fat from the Owl evening. Hoxton, Bramly and Orion were brilliant and did not give a damn about the snow. So we decided to invite some of the photographer members to come the following day. Only a few could make it, but I think they got some nice stuff. We did try Drift (Snowy Owl) but he was a little fat, I don't think he minded the snow though.

After the incredibly cold night we just had the ground was very crispy and the places where we had walked the previous two days were very icy. Just goes to show that you should clear paths on the first day before it all freezes.

Rob was rushing around on Monday trying to save flattened plants, I think most will be OK, although we did lose a few branches from trees.

I have to say I hope it is all gone by friday as it will make the Owl Evening tricky if it is still icy. Oh and Adam's lovely big gazebo got flattened and completely ruined and damn me that was the one thing that the insurance did not cover - typical I guess. So I am not sure what we are going to do about that at this point. Still it is nice to have a proper winter again rather than the tepid affairs we have had recently.

Saturday, 9 December 2017
Another trip done, the SAVE meeting was in Bangladesh and we had it on a large boat, or do I mean ship in the Sunderban, which is basically a large mangrove forest opening out into the Bay of Bengal. It was an exhausting time, the flights were through the UAE which means longer in the air and on the ground so sleepless night number one. We had a night to recover before flying down to the nearest airport to the Sunderban and then a 3.5 hours drive over roads that have to be seen to be believed.

We then got shipped to the boat in a smaller motor boat and got into our various cabins by about midnight, then some food (which I can't manage that late). Then to bed, however after the drive and the boat moving and the anchor being incredibly noisy, there was not much sleep to be had. The boats were great although the cabin walls paper thin!

The huge advantage of having a meeting on a boat is that noone can slope off!! The boat moved downriver while we were meeting and then moored for the evening. We had a couple of
early morning trips in the smaller boat to bird watch (LBJ's). The most fun was watching the river dolphins and the Brahminy Kites.

All in all apart from only two nights of sleep in seven nights the meeting went well and much was achieved. And it is a particular pleasure to me to know that the first vultures in Nepal have been released back to the wild. Here is wishing them the best of luck.

But oh boy it was good to be home and I am not going to eat any rice until next September!

Hwever it was pretty damn cold after Bangladesh! We have had two Owl Evenings since, the first, the day after I got back was bitter, the owls did well, all worked but the benches in the flying ground were covered in frost! The later one was much warmer, althoug it looks like the next one will be cold again. I don't mind the cold, its nice to have a proper winter, snow would be even better. I only have one regret, I took up the carpet in my office because it was impossible to keep clean with the dogs, and it is now much colder in here!

Talking of the dogs, Briza was scanned on Monday and she IS pregnant, so puppies on January 2nd next year!

We have also now just finished taking out the leylandii hedge around the play area and the aviary area. It has opened it all up and will once complete look great I hope. Lots to do and not enough days in the year to get it all done!

Sadly our plan to have a good number of disabled vultures to help with their breeding programme from South Africa has been scuppered and we have been let down, a great shame really after everyone's hard work. However we now have other plans and are looking forward to the coming breeding season.


I have to say that keeping a weblog can at times become compulsive and at other times a chore. Sometimes I am berrated for not keeping it up and sometimes I get wonderful comments from people who follow the news of the Centre.

It is fun to share the daily goings on here, some good and some bad, some funny and some sad, but all a part of our daily lives.
And as I said before its a pretty cool to be here and it is a great place to visit, you should try coming and watching the birds and meeting the staff and of course the dogs.

An interesting video on Lead

An interesting video on Lead

I find it staggering that people who want to hunt don't see the value in changing their ammunition from lead to a safer product. We have stopped using lead in petrol, in paint, in our water pipes, but they still want to use lead - ah well, apparently eating it not only kills birds but leads to reduced intelligence in humans......................

NO ONE is asking you to stop legal and genuine hunting, they are just asking you to change your ammunition!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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