Monday, 28 September 2009

Off tomorrow

The kitchen is tidy, the dogs are in bed, my paper is complete for the conference, I have done the washing, the office is neat. All the emails are up to date, I have backed up on two different hard drives. All I have to do is pack, which always takes me minutes to do, clean my car (it should be dry where Indigo threw up by now!!!) and remember to take some milk and tea bags and I am off!

At this stage I always regret having said I would go anywhere, I love this house and the Centre more than enough to not really want to leave it. And with two puppies as well, that is even harder to leave, but I have not been to an RRF conference for a while, and its important for the Centre for us to keep our profile up in the scientific world as well. Plus the work we are doing with the vultures needs to be told, it is a good partnership of various groups and the teams are working well together.

Simon is going to an incubation workshop in Spain, which we hope to run here next year, its a great workshop with really interesting stuff to learn. So he will be talking to the people running it, who are friends of mine anyway, and they are keen to come here next year. So watch the website for the opportunity. I have to go to Spain on the day he gets back for the Eagle Conservation Alliance conference, so that is two conferences in 10 days.

Friends are staying in the house to care for the dogs and keep the house happy as well. Oh and Nettle got a clean bill of health today - hooray.

The two young male Harris Hawks are really enjoying flying together now, they are doing very well, and yesterday Cool Ground, the young Snowy Owl must have been brilliant as Adam came up from the flying field with a huge grin on his face, which meant Holly and I knew he was dying to tell us how well the owl went! So we let him!

Autumn Watch starts this week, but I am not sure when our films are on, I suspect I will miss at least one as I am not back until very late on the night of the 9th.

The bloody phones are still not working, but hopefully will be sorted out tomorrow, our system is out of the Ark and I was hoping that I would not have to replace it this year, however it looks like it will have to happen - add that to the new boiler, and that is two large expenses that I did not plan on - oh well, just have to work harder!

Here's hoping that the Range Rover will make it to Pitlochry and back in one piece, I am staying in my sister's cottage in the middle of not very much, it is beautiful up there, but I would hate the car to die at that point, I don't think the AA would be very amused.

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Still no bloody phone!! However if it is not fixed by the end of tomorrow I will have great fun telling BT in great detail what I think of their company! It was a cold night last night, with a clear sky during the day at this time of year the temperature is bound to drop. The evening sky was superb, brilliantly clear going from blue to silver to grey and back to deep blue, with the trees and plants changing from vivid greens to grey greens to dark greens and then black against the sky, quite stuning to watch.

Birds did well on the hunting day and I think the four people enjoyed it. The new borrowed female would not fly with Bay Middleton, and was horrid to him on Thursday, so he was checked out by Neil Forbes on Friday, but got the all clear and is fine today (sunday). He and Pretender, Holly's male did the day during the afternoon, and it was Pretender's first day out and he loved it!

We flew Pretender and Radamanthus (!!!) Adam's Harris together this evening and apart from a jump at one another the first meeting they were good and gold and by the time we had all three taken them all round the field, they were following each other up into trees and sitting on the same branches like a pair of old pro's

I have spent the whole day trying to get to writing the paper for the conference this coming week, and failed, so have spend most of the evening trying to get it done, I think I have broken the back of it and will finish tomorrow. I hope! We had a photography day, which Steve one of the volunteers took, the usual busy day, a birthday party group in the afternoon and two people from the Carolina Raptor Centre from NORTH Carolina drop in as well, so it was a little hectic. Plus Hamish came and kindly sorted out a couple of problems on a new IBM netbook, so come to think of it it was more than a little hectic, no wonder I did not get much done!

The weather is set to stay fair and dry for the rest of the month, I can't remember when we last had rain, but it must be about five weeks at least, and yet the plants, trees and grass look pretty good all things considered. It only looks awful where the damn kites pull up the grass around their perches. I have to say I wish they would not do it. It is going to get colder towards the end of this coming week, but the Indoor Hawk Walk is ready for birds so it should not be a problem.

Once I get back from the two conferences I have to go to in the next couple of weeks we are going to start training the two new Steppe Eagles, which I am really looking forward to. I have not trained a new eagle for ages now.

Pups are well and getting bigger and stronger, they have a lovely life here and are much enjoyed by the visitors as well. The other three dogs are coping with them better now, and only Rush gets really annoyed with them when they push their luck. Sedge is amazing with the birds, but I have to say I wish I had seen him yesterday when he went down the tunnel for the burrowing owl!!
Pictures, Sedge eating a glove and he and Acer playing
Friday, 25 September 2009
Ok I have two major moans today. I have deleted Tescos totally from my computer!! Not only does it take at least a hour if not longer to actually do the damn ordering and then remember your password for the perishing bank, but then, just when you are hoping it might arrive, you get a phonecall - hasn't anyone told them that the whole point of doing the job online is to save you having to rush around when you don't have time - I am invariably at the far end of the property and have to run all the way up and phone them - more money and more time!! And damn me my credit card has not worked for them. Why can't they tell you that when you order - but no they don't. The fact that it has worked that day at the garage and online with other things does not count, it doesn't work for Tesco's. So that is it, its actually quicker to get in the car and go to Morrisons, so be it!

But now having got over that little spate of anger, bloody BT Strike again!! After the amazing problems getting my broadband working when I first got back, the phones have been behaving themselves fairly well and I have been behaving and paying the bills. However when none of the business phones worked this morning I phoned to see what was wrong - a fault at the exchange I am told. It is now evening and they are still not working and I have just been informed that they are not going to be fixed until Monday - because BT promise to fix things within one working day and that does not count a Sat or Sunday. Which is just dandy when you run a business that is open seven days a week. Well Done BT, you have done it again, provided stunning service for businesses - congratulations!

The puppies are having a riotous game in my office, its amazing how much mess one yoghurt pot can be made to make (not from Tescos!). But a good game now means a peaceful night, which will be much appreciated. They are now both sleeping downstairs, and I have to say that I don't miss Sedge as a sleeping companion.

The course went well today, birds all behaved and Adam and Robin took much of it, giving me time to work on a paper for a conference I am going to next week. I need to get it done soon so I can check it over before I go.

I have been trying to download a thing called Synctoy, which is a nice programme for backing up, but I am damned if I can get it to work. And I also tried to put my copy of Office on a new laptop, which is not conected to the internet, so to get it to work I tried phoning Microsoft - not a good move. They kept saying that I could do it online, and I kept saying not if I am not connected, but I could not get it through their heads that the option to phone them means I need to do it on the phone!!! Oh well, just one of those days!
Thursday, 24 September 2009
One of my favourite things is to be able to (almost) clear my email inbox, it always makes me feel very virtuous! Not that it is that difficult by the time you have deleted all the incredibly stupid people who are offering you millions of pounds for all sorts of very weird reasons. And the even more stupid people offering you enlarged penis's when you are female. You do have to wonder at the mental acuity of people who do this - are they born stupid or do they just get that way.

Yet another delightful day, with bright sunshine, Holly and Philip took four people out on our first hunting day, the birds flew well, they had several flights but did not catch anything, which is normal at this time of the year as really lovely weather is not good for hunting. They did however have a treat as Bay Middleton went on the soar, I wish I had seen it, he was up at about 230 feet!!! That is wonderful for a Harris, and something that I hope we can encourage him to do. It was great soaring weather.

Adam had a day off and Simon was doing the last of the roofing on the small falcon block so I did the demonstrations, with great help from Terri, one of our volunteers who ferried birds back and forth as I flew each one. All the birds did very well, it is always good to fly birds that you do not normally work with as it gives you an idea of how they are coming on and both Holly and Adam should be proud of themselves as all their birds were first class.

Dawn Run is really coming on now, she is going to be an exciting Lanner, and Fortina the peregrine is begining to show off! We had a really nice Danish chap here photographing the Kestrels for a book, they behaved and he was charming to work with. I am looking forward to seeing the book when it is done.

Sedge and Acer have a great life, breakfast at 7.00am playtime from 7.30am until 10.30 after coffee time, when they sleep in the shop with Jan (who adores Sedge!) Then lunch after the first demonstration with a walk down to the cafe to help staff and visitors with their lunch. Sleep for the second demonstration and then out for the rest of the day. Wheatabix at 6.00pm, play in the house and now Acer is asleep on the floor and Sedge is behind me on my office chair, not a bad life really! Sedge is very bright and has already learnt that you are not allowed to help with the demonstrations, but must sit still and watch, and he does!

One of Nettles results need to go off and be checked, so I am crossing my fingers for that. I hope there is nothing wrong, I would hate to lose another dog now. The little male Sparrowhawk that came in is doing well, we just need him to get more use of one foot and then he can go, which will be good.

It has been quiet on the injured wild bird front for the last 36 hours, lets hope it stays that way. The Hobby's are still here and we saw a wild peregrine yesterday with something in its feet, not sure what!

Long may the weather continue in this way
Wednesday, 23 September 2009
Yesterday was one of those days where you run about like a chicken with its head cut off, do a lot of stuff and don't feel like you have achieved anything - very frustrating, but not uncommon. So...... the dogs all behaved well at the vet and passed muster, Nettle had five lumps aspirated and so now we hope that all is well with her, the puppies yelled on the way over but I put them in the front on the way back and they were good as gold. Indigo however threw up in the back!! Oh well!

It was yet another lovely day and the birds flew well, I might have made a breakthrough with Hedge Hunter the Sparrowhawk, time will tell. The little Kestrel that came in two days ago did not make it, there was something very wrong there. This is a hard time of the year as so many young raptors have now 'left home' and are on their own.

We had an unexpected group arrive which was nice, they were charming and had a good time here I think, they certainly seemed to enjoy it. Dave has been here starting on cutting back the Laylandii hedge that surrounds the aviary area, it is going to look great. And David Kaye and his son dropped off a lovely female Harris Hawk for us to borrow over the winter until we have got our team a little more experienced with hunting.

The Long-eared Owl Eager was a scream, I flew him after we had finished and it was windy and he is like a drift of thistle down anyway and so often gets blown in the wind. He ended up about 25 feet up in the oak tree over the top pond and a Magpie started to bounce around the tree hassling him. Was he phased, not a bit of it, he chased it!! And then dropped out of the tree just like a falling leaf, it was a joy to behold.

Ended up the day with Philip, we took Bay Middleton out again to see if we could find some rabbits, we had one flight, but other than that there was not much to see. Plenty of evidence of rabbits, but few around. However he was very good and is getting quieter. The dogs were all pleased when I got back though, and then I had the job of shopping for groceries on line, I am not convinced it is quicker than going to the shop!
Monday, 21 September 2009
Just got sent a great quote, which I want to keep and share and as this is really a diary, it is the right place to put it -

'Whatever you give a woman, she will make greater. If you give her sperm, she'll give you a baby. If you give her a house, she'll give you a home. If you give her groceries, she'll give you a meal. If you give her a smile, she'll give you her heart. She multiplies and enlarges what is given to her. So, if you give her any crap, be ready to receive a ton of shit.'

As a female, I think it is pretty apt!

Sedge took the whole morning to recover from his wasp sting, but is back to his old self. All the dogs are going to Martin Flamank our dog vet tomorrow. Sedge needs his vaccinations, they all need worming including Acer and after losing Arabis I want the adult dogs to have an MOT to check them over before I have to go away to a couple of conferences.

We are still getting offers of volunteers, which is great, they are all great people and do so much for us. The staff are coping well too, and getting more into the birds, the training and getting things going. I am slowly catching up with paperwork and looking forward to getting all the birds records sorted out with Holly this winter, and then it is book writing time, which will be hard work and fun, and tense too I suspect as it will bring back all the dreadful things that happened in the last four years.

We have not seen the Hobby's for several days so I think they have left for their long migration to Africa, I wish them the best of luck, its a magnifcant effort that I would not be able to face. The bats are increasing in numbers at the moment, and coming into my bedroom regularly, which is very cool. And the pond was hosting dragon flies by the score on Sunday, which was lovely to see. I could do with removing about half of the bullrushes, but the weather never got hot enough for long enough to wade in as it were.

New Arrival

Although Sedge is a wonder, he really is a great puppy, he is not a labrador so went on Sat to see some pups the other side of Salisbury and came home with Acer! She is a very pretty black (needless to say) lady with a very loud voice and huge appetite. She and Sedge have hit it off pretty well and play violently, although right now Sedge is very miserable as he has just been stung by an autumn wasp and has been moaning for about half an hour. Terriers are very different from labs, if one of the labs gets stung they run to us for help, terriers run away, however he is recovering slowly! The picture is Sedge and Acer, with thanks as ever to Linda, who not only took the picture but helped me to make the weblog look more in keeping with our website.

All four young Lanner falcons are starting to go really well, the female particularly and their weights are creeping up. We are slowly grounding some of the birds to reduce the numbers that we are working with over the winter. Many of them need a break and a moult now anyway. Plus we have two Steppe Eagles to get out and train in October, so we will need time for them and the nights are drawing in.

The weather stays as glorious as ever, yesterday it was amazing, deep blue skies, vivid green mown field, the gates all smart and painted black, the trees rapidly changing into their reds and golds and browns and well behaved falcons, eagles and kites all flying in front of them to highlight the backdrops. All the owls are coming on and many of them now are flying happily into and through trees which is great, Eager, the Long-eared Owl (he did get a name change!) is amazing to see high up in the beech trees.

We changed the front post in the flying grounds, we had a lovely stone one, but many of the birds slipped as they landed so we put a wooden one with a great piece of cork that my friends in Spain got for us. The birds were very pleased for a day, but then we stained the post black to match the rest of the timber work in the field and that made it very dangerous as far as the eagles and kites were concerned. Hare still won't land on it!

Thursday, 17 September 2009

To find a Rabbit

Managed to get enough time to start and get fairly well on with a paper I have to give at a conference in Spain in early October, and think about the one on the vultures which I have to give at the RRF meeting in Pitlockry, also in early october!! But they are going OK, which is nice. Got all the birds flown, but it was colder today, so although we were busy for the first two flights everyone had done a runner by the last one, which makes it easier as you can race through the birds without having to talk! It even speeds up Adam! And actually by the time we were at the 4.15 demo the weather had warmed up a fair bit.

Philip came over and he and I took my young Harris Hawk Bay Middleton, out to find a rabbit and see what he would do, I have to say he was very good, his manners were impecable, he behaved very well, is starting to quieten down, hooded well and chased two rabbits. We only saw three and the two that he chased had been training for the 2012 olympics!! But he still had a go, now I need to find a geriatric one that is deaf (he is noisy at the moment!) and we will be fine.

Which is more than I can say for my Sparrowhawk, I have some work to do there I reckon, she is a little madam, and very full of herself. The Long-eared Owl got a name change, he is now called Eager, and he is starting to get very exciting to fly, in fact rather too exciting today, he started to circle up high, which was interesting, but came down into the Cider Pear tree and then to the fist.

Sedge had his first night in the kitched with the other two boys and was very good, and I had a peaceful night as well - it was lovely!
Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Autumn Watch

We had a lovely day yesterday, we were filming four short films for Autumn Watch on identifying various British raptors and the confusian factor. The birds did brilliantly and were very happy to work with Kate Humble and she is a complete natural with the birds aswell, which always makes for an easier job. Alex the producer was great to work with as was Kate and the rest of the crew, the weather was kind and we got enough and more for four two minute films done and dusted by 4.15pm. The visitors had an extra bonus watching us film for Autumn Watch and the wild birds did not let us down either The two young hobby's who we are pretty sure must have been in a nest pretty close by came screaming in several times chasing each other and some Jakcdaws just for fun. The buzzards soared over on a regular basis showing their flight skills to great advantage and an insane Heron was convinced that it should be joining the demonstrations, it followed the eagle and damn nearly landed in the tree with him. Then it made several abortive attempts at landing in the pond. At one point it did land in a tree in the Hawk Walk which must have surprised the trained birds enormously and eventually it horrified the Snowy Owl Cool Ground as it circled the field low for the umpteenth time!

The nice thing about filming here for crews is that everything is close by - birds, nice backgrounds, staff and not forgetting loos and a nice warm cafe, so it makes for a comfortable day, particularly if the weather is good which it was. The only slight problem we had was with the Barn Owl who is endlessly noisy which drove Simon the sound man nuts!! So after he had finished his flying bit we fed him mouse after mouse to shut him up, it took six mice to do the trick!! I suspect he will not be flying for a couple of days after that!

The only down side of working on any project throughout the day is that all those other jobs still need to get done, so there were a fair few birds to fly after the last demonstration, but they all got done and all are coming on nicely. The staff and volunteers worked tirelessly to make sure that we were all very tidy before the filming and the path to the Education Centre is now back to its old self again.

Hard Tackle is well in his moulting aviary, in fact I think he lied about his pulled wing muscle as he is flying pretty damn well in what is a huge aviary for him! He obviously thought he had done his years work several days before I thought he had.

I am looking forward to seeing Autumn Watch this year and seeing how the birds look in the films, it will be fun to see.
Monday, 14 September 2009

And the weather goes on!

The lovely thing about late summers is the quality of the light, its almost tangiable and you just want to watch it until the last ray has gone. With golden light and the leaves turning early it really has been joyous these last few days. The birds have appreciated it and we had a stunning flight from Hard Tackle on Saturday as he soared up to about 1500 feet. Poor Hemp has had her demonstrations stolen for three days, because with the northerly wind the eagle tended to be out of sight for several minutes (like about ten!) so we fly the Eagle Owl whilst waiting, as she is bigger than he is, but of course as she is flying Hard Tackle rolls up and does something spectacular and she gets ignored! Even yesterday with no eagle, a buzzard came so low to look at her, people's attention wandered. On Hard Tackles Saturday flight he came in with the sun behind him and a wild buzzard stooping at him and then did his amazing roll over at about 400 feet and dropped into the field.

As it turns out it was his last flight for this season as he has pulled a wing muscle, so as I was going to rest him at the end of the week, he has done it himself a little early. He desperately needs to moult anyway. Fortina the Peregrine goes from strength to strength and did her first proper vertical stoop on Sat as well. And then to cap it all we have had two Hobby's playing over the field in full sight for the last three days, although yesterday we did not see them and I suspect they have left for their long journey south. The number of House Martins and Swallows has dropped as well. Although to my delight there were seven Lesser Horse Shoe bats in the coal shed last night and they are starting to come back into my bedroom at night to have a fly round, which is great.

Adam managed to damage his cruciate ligament and so has been limping around for three days now, he is supposed to rest it and a day at the Newent Onion Fair with five birds did help on Sat, although he missed all the great flying much to his annoyance! Holly's Harris Hawk - there is good alliteration for you - is going well and should be flying free today and Adam's has caught up, and my Long-eared Owl did two wing claps yesterday which I have never seen up close before.

The dogs are well although we think that Indigo still misses Arabis as he is less settled at the moment, so we are all giving him plenty of TLC. Sedge continues to grow and amuse everyone although his teeth still resemble a Great White Shark! He gets very excited at the radios and will pick one up and run away growling with it, although of course we make the radio growl back - its a good job the visitors have gone by this time!
Thursday, 10 September 2009
What a stunning autumn day, cool in the morning, it was chilly last night too when I took the dogs out last thing, and this morning a northerly wind coming up the field so all the birds flew well. We rehearsed with Kate Humble and her producer with some of the birds and then did the 11.30 demonstration, the Yellow-billed Kites Theft and Deception were stunning, just so agile in the air and catching every piece of meat with unerring accuracy. Sedge was asleep on someone lap, he was not impressed.

The 2.00 demonstration was even more fun as the eagle disappeared trying for height, so we flew Hemp the Eurasian Eagle Owl, poor girl, no one took much notice of her because two wild Hobby's came over and were giving us a tremendous show of flying in the autumn sun. Then a Buzzard came to show off too. Finally the Eagle dropped in from about 200 feet and the owl said 'sod it' and went into a sulk!!

The two new Harris Hawks are coming along, Holly's bird will get a name soon as it is ready to got loose, Adam's is not far behind, but he could not fly it today as he is lame! and not even from one of his extreme sports either.

It really has been the most glorious few days, with more to come it appears. I do think the autumn is quite my favourite time of the year. With stunning colours, crisp mornings, sunny days, evenings not too early, and cool nights, what could be nicer.
Wednesday, 9 September 2009
I have to admit to feeling somewhat crabby today, I am not sure why because the weather was absolutely lovely, a gorgeous autumn day. Could have been that I had to book a flight to Spain for Simon online and the bloody website kept disappearing, why people think that doing things online is quicker I am blowed if I know, it always seems to take me hours of frustration and effort.

The birds flew well on the whole, some very well, others not quite so good. We are having to fly a fair number of them between demonstrations which is OK, but when people are watching it can add pressure and I have to say it really pisses me off when people laugh if a bird does not work, I get really snappy, after all I wonder what they would say if I laughed when they were at work and something went wrong.......... oh dear your computer just crashed and you lost a whole mornings work - what a laugh, or opppppppps just broke that thing you were trying to make - what a laugh................ see what I mean!!

The little Long-eared Owl however was a dream today, he is going to be very exciting, he is following on and going into trees which is great although he may well get a name change as Bobby Jo is definitely not my choice or favourite. He looks wonderful sitting up in a tree and his flight pattern is enchanting.

Sedge had great fun today in the old aviary that we are going to replace, he was digging and climbing and jumping down from 18 inches of block work, mainly landing on his chin, but apparently enjoying himself as he did it several times. He is very wary of the pond though! He got a swift clip round the ear yesterday when he ran in to the Ural Owl (Oath is his name) on the ground, and ran back to the other dogs yelping, we all ignored him and he sat with the others good as gold and then ran up afterwards, so all was forgiven.

Dinah and I watched a bit of Mama Mia on her last evening here - it was so bad that even I could not watch it, so we gave up and went to bed early. The weather is due to stay good for the next few days, I hope it lasts over the weekend and into next week, especially tuesday as we are filming here that day.

We have a nightmare weekend ahead with the Newent Onion Fayre, a party coming to visit and an experience day as well. But the new gate in the carpark is going to work, we were worried that the gate posts might make it difficult for buses to get in so Jan phoned Youngs the bus company and they popped by before going to school and brought the biggest bus and it went through with no problems, it was so nice of them, so now we can concrete them in. We are having to put gates in because of idiots driving in at night and spinning round the carpark and screwing up the gravel. So I suspect that the gates will be a surprise!!

And talking of idiots we have had a second bird in from the Malvern area that has been shot, last year it was a Peregrine that recovered and was released, this time it is a Hobby, and idiot is the polite name for the $%XX!!!XX*** that did it. I hope it will recover and be releasable, it was hit in three places and will not be able to go until next year.
Saturday, 5 September 2009


It had to happen, it does with all the puppies here, Sedge took a header into the pond, he was not impressed - covered in Duck weed and shivering he whined all the way back to the house!! Plus he was not pleased about being dried either. All the other dogs love being toweled down, but he does not, complaining little devil!

The birds are not that bothered by him although Hemp thinks he looks very interesting, but I am not sure her motives are pure! And Lammerlaw - the African Fish Eagle just wants to eat him, but then she pretty much wants to eat anything and anybody, so there is nothing new there.

The young lanners have been flying well in the very windy conditions and the Peregrine just loves it as does Hard Tackle - Tawny Eagle. The owls are less impressed because it does blow them around. The Long eared Owl is really coming on although its call is very noisy, very insistant and very irritating!! Can't recommend them for neighbours that is for sure!!
Tuesday, 1 September 2009


OK, now its acceptable to be autumn, I can cope with that. I had a day off today, well part of a day off, and we went to a National Trust property, and I now understand why many of our visitors come after the school holidays, the place was crawling with obnoxious children ( and the rest of this sentence has been censored by my sister!!!!) We had some somewhat bouncy children over the Bank Holiday, but at least if you mention politely (well sort of politely with only minor threats about feeding them to the Condor) they generally will behave.

The weather was not what I would have liked, but it did not rain, although it was pretty damn grey for much 0f the weekend, however we had some great customers and the raspberries from Jacob in the cafe vanished very quickly. It is now pouring with rain, but that does not matter as it is 6.30 and I am the right side of a large G+T!

Sedge, the new puppy has settled in well and the three remaining labs have nearly accepted him now. All the visitors still think he is a lab pup, but he will one day be a Patterdale Terrier, however I have to admit that he looks like a tiny lab right now. Lammerlaw, the African Fish Eagle is dying to eat him, but the other birds are accepting him as well.

My sister Dinah (the one who censored my thoughts!) has been here for a while and leaves at the end of this week, I will miss her company - and her cooking! Back to microwaved stuff again, oh well.

The school holidays will be over for everyone by the end of this week and then I hope we will have a golden autumn and lots of what is called the grey pound - my favourite visitors.


I have to say that keeping a weblog can at times become compulsive and at other times a chore. Sometimes I am berrated for not keeping it up and sometimes I get wonderful comments from people who follow the news of the Centre.

It is fun to share the daily goings on here, some good and some bad, some funny and some sad, but all a part of our daily lives.
And as I said before its a pretty cool to be here and it is a great place to visit, you should try coming and watching the birds and meeting the staff and of course the dogs.

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An interesting video on Lead

An interesting video on Lead

I find it staggering that people who want to hunt don't see the value in changing their ammunition from lead to a safer product. We have stopped using lead in petrol, in paint, in our water pipes, but they still want to use lead - ah well, apparently eating it not only kills birds but leads to reduced intelligence in humans......................

NO ONE is asking you to stop legal and genuine hunting, they are just asking you to change your ammunition!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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