Monday, 16 January 2012
Had very a long and sometimes a little boring but important all day meeting in Bristol last week, got home and said hello to the dogs – always a wonderful welcome, got the right side of a delicious gin and tonic, fed the horse, deleted at least three emails on penis enlargement (take it from me chaps – we don’t care!! Only you care!) Deleted numerous emails telling me that my account in various banks that I have nothing to do with have been ceased, stopped or otherwise impeded, ( again – I don’t care!!) Deleted a number of advertising emails, plus a bill from a New York company for natural gas!! It was good to be home.

Winter has finally arrived, we have had some heavy frost and the most glorious days. I went to the Hunt meet on Saturday, took Sorrel because she had a horrid week last week. She had her hips scored, which meant she was sedated and came home very upset, and then on Thursday had her eyes checked which also upset her, she is a wimp when it comes to vet things. However it all had to be done before she is allowed to have puppies and I am delighted to say that she has passed muster. Hips are very good and eyes are also good. I am not sure how much she enjoyed the meet. About forty huge (to her) horses and then the hounds, she was a little overwhelmed, however I took them all for a walk later and they were fine. I had had a lesson on Mollie early in the day and managed to fall off before I even got there!! Not Mollie’s fault, she slipped on some frozen ground and then shied and I left out the side door as they say!

Alexandria is going well (peregrine) and Lady Isabel is just coming down to weight. We are slowly getting the birds ready for opening in a couple of weeks. And I am going on the first holiday in probably two decades, maybe more. My sister Anna is taking me and our other sister Dinah skiing!!! I must be nuts! It seemed like a great idea about six months ago, and I am looking forward to it, but I always get cold feet anytime I have to leave this place!! Still I am almost ready, emails are cleared (don’t email me until Jan 27th) desk is tidy, kitchen is clean, washing is done, ironing is done (just finished!) stuff to go is ready, I have charged my phone, kindle, and notebook, so ready to go really. Just have to buy gin on the way out!!
Nathan’s dad started to lay the hedge in the wood where all the dogs are buried, so what with thinning out the trees, clearing the undergrowth, laying the hedge and we will level the ground out a bit, it is going to look great very soon and allowing more light in will encourage some of the wild flowers. I noticed some crocuses up today, although our snowdrops are not as advanced as some at a friend’s house I saw today.

I am told there is plenty of snow for the skiing, so here is hoping we have a great time and I learn to ski properly!! Watch out Ski Sunday!


sue hyde said...

have a great time!

Linda Wright said...

Bonnes vacances Mima, et ne tombez pas sur la piste!!


I have to say that keeping a weblog can at times become compulsive and at other times a chore. Sometimes I am berrated for not keeping it up and sometimes I get wonderful comments from people who follow the news of the Centre.

It is fun to share the daily goings on here, some good and some bad, some funny and some sad, but all a part of our daily lives.
And as I said before its a pretty cool to be here and it is a great place to visit, you should try coming and watching the birds and meeting the staff and of course the dogs.

An interesting video on Lead

An interesting video on Lead

I find it staggering that people who want to hunt don't see the value in changing their ammunition from lead to a safer product. We have stopped using lead in petrol, in paint, in our water pipes, but they still want to use lead - ah well, apparently eating it not only kills birds but leads to reduced intelligence in humans......................

NO ONE is asking you to stop legal and genuine hunting, they are just asking you to change your ammunition!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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