Thursday, 24 December 2009

All electrics working, a lit and warm house – at least the two rooms that I do usually heat. Dogs are happy, birds are safe fat and warm, staff seem to be happy – all in all OK and we have nearly got through our first year back and the place is looking great. A good friend said that it looked like instead of just getting all the damage fixed, that we had actually raised the game here, and I think she is right, the game has been raised and it shows. AND it will continue to be raised!

We did not have any more snow, which is good for all those people traveling, at least locally to here. I failed to get out and get some holly with berries, so that will have to wait for next year now. But the tree looks great and the house is clean and tidy and looks like a home! It is cold outside and what snow that there is is very crunchy, but will not last long I think.

The enclosures at the end of the Hawk Walk now have perlins, and I know the difference between perlins, rafters and joists which is interesting, joists are flat - i.e. they are level and you can have floor joists or ceiling joists, perlins are the things that make the shape of the roof and the rafters go between them I bet you are glad I told you that vital bit of information. The rafters go on last and then the roofing felt and the tiles. There is still a fair bit to do, but they are going to look great. Mike and Simon and Adam worked on them until lunchtime when they finished, and all the perlins were up, so the roof is secure. Richard and his wife Janet fixed the electrics, what stars and on Christmas Eve too – hooray, and Holly and I cleaned the indoor hawkwalk after the birds were all weighed and fed outside and then they were put in again as there is going to be a frost tonight. Sue got the house straight, and I gave the dogs a run round the field. It is so good to be home. Merry Christmas to one and All.



I have to say that keeping a weblog can at times become compulsive and at other times a chore. Sometimes I am berrated for not keeping it up and sometimes I get wonderful comments from people who follow the news of the Centre.

It is fun to share the daily goings on here, some good and some bad, some funny and some sad, but all a part of our daily lives.
And as I said before its a pretty cool to be here and it is a great place to visit, you should try coming and watching the birds and meeting the staff and of course the dogs.

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An interesting video on Lead

An interesting video on Lead

I find it staggering that people who want to hunt don't see the value in changing their ammunition from lead to a safer product. We have stopped using lead in petrol, in paint, in our water pipes, but they still want to use lead - ah well, apparently eating it not only kills birds but leads to reduced intelligence in humans......................

NO ONE is asking you to stop legal and genuine hunting, they are just asking you to change your ammunition!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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