Sunday, 1 April 2012
According to the weather forecast, the beautiful weather we have been having is about to change and some people are going to get snow, I bloody hope we don’t, winter is over as far as I am concerned, its spring!! Weather – just pull yourself together please!!

Have you ever thought about supermarket trolley’s I have because it always annoys me that I can’t take a dog into a supermarket, when I know that mine would behave. It’s all in the cause of clenliness, but just think about that trolley. If you have one of the large ones with the bit for the human child – you know the one I mean – which means you could have had a child in a very dirty nappy sitting where you are putting your food!!! Does anyone clean them, I don’t think so!! So I rest my case, who is grubbier, my dog or the dirty nappy! This has all come about because someone has complained about the dogs in our café. Now they are not allowed where the food is prepared, but they are allowed in the rest of the café. They are well behaved, better I might add than some of the children, and they clear up the floor which is good conservation as far as I am concerned. So if you read my weblog and enjoy coming to the Centre, please go onto Trip Advisor on the internet, and tell everyone that you have had a good time (if of course you have) and that it has a great family atmosphere, partly because of the staff and the dogs. And I might add, it is a scientific fact that children brought up in a house with dogs and cats are healthier and less likely to have allergies than those without.

If we ever manage to build the new shop and café I am going to fence off an area for people to sit who don’t like dogs, it will be very fenced!!

Leaf went for her first swim today, I don’t think she enjoyed it, but did her best to get on Rush’s back in a vain attempt to get back without swimming, however she does swim quite well. Lady Isabel did an amazing demonstration, but it lasted about 20 minutes, she was a long way up and according to the one remaining visitor and my staff, did a stunning stoop, however I did not see it, but was very glad to have her back!

The White-tailed Sea-Eagle is very relaxed and happy, and probably ready for us to try her loose again, and the male is out and feeding and starting to respond. Two of the Merlins are out and getting going again, and Adam is going to be working on getting Eager (the Long-ear Owl) back on duty. Otherwise Easter is on the horizon and we are praying that this crap with the fuel crisis sorts itself out before Easter arrives.


Ukfalc said...

Great Photo of the dogs swimming.

I wrote a nice review and posted 3 pics on Trip Advisor.

sue hyde said...

I cannot believe someone complained about the dogs in the cafe!! I often sit in there with them surrounding me, they are such fun. I vote we keep the dogs and ban the complainers from the cafe!!


I have to say that keeping a weblog can at times become compulsive and at other times a chore. Sometimes I am berrated for not keeping it up and sometimes I get wonderful comments from people who follow the news of the Centre.

It is fun to share the daily goings on here, some good and some bad, some funny and some sad, but all a part of our daily lives.
And as I said before its a pretty cool to be here and it is a great place to visit, you should try coming and watching the birds and meeting the staff and of course the dogs.

An interesting video on Lead

An interesting video on Lead

I find it staggering that people who want to hunt don't see the value in changing their ammunition from lead to a safer product. We have stopped using lead in petrol, in paint, in our water pipes, but they still want to use lead - ah well, apparently eating it not only kills birds but leads to reduced intelligence in humans......................

NO ONE is asking you to stop legal and genuine hunting, they are just asking you to change your ammunition!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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